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Welcome to Create the Ripple. We’re the thinkers, the doers, the let’s-make-this-fantastic-ers of the business training and motivation world. We provide expert input and advice to companies and individuals who are wise enough to know that there’s always a next level of being ace to achieve. We’re good to go with sessions to suit your needs or we’re more than happy to help you create and deliver your hand-made training packages.

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This one’s for you if you have a workplace project or skill-set you’d like a hand with implementing. Or if you feel you or your taskforce could benefit from a bespoke programme or session to get bonding or business ideas riding high. We also offer train-the-trainer services where we support, nurture, and exchange ideas with you or your in-house trainer extraordinaire.



Facilitation. From the Latin ‘Facilis, meaning ‘easy’. Making everything and anything ten times easier, we can help out with how to conquer specific tasks, or guide you through the wonderful world of facilitation so you take away tangible skills in helping people learn, think, and find solutions. Whatever’s going on with you or your company, we are all about getting to the heart of how to improve.



We get that every individual has their own way of working and that every workplace has its own culture. We don’t just come in and traipse all over your delicate ecosystem, we listen, we create a conversation, and we use our wealth of experience to encourage and improve.



Whether you need a solid  action plan or a sympathetic and experienced ear, Create the Ripple has helped tons of individuals and workplaces develop their route to even-more-brilliance. With as little or as much input as you’d like, we offer creative perspectives and reliable expertise.

Guest Speaking


There’ll be none of that snoozy end-of-term vibe with our guest speaking service. A fresh, intelligent, witty session on whatever subject fits the current needs of your workplace- creating and nurturing positivity, how little things can make a huge difference in practical and emotional terms, authenticity and engagement at every level, and much more! This is the place to come for creating dialogue, motivating minds, and inspiring hearts.

Take a look at what ripples we have created…

“Energetic methods in motivating, inspiring and engaging the audience. These workshops have influenced attitudes, challenged perceptions and shaped the thought processes of junior clerical colleagues, experienced managers and business leaders“.
“Successful delivery of multiple global learning initiatives.”
“Professionalism, passion and work ethic like no other; with an ability to truly bring out the best in indviduals and teams in whatever capacity – be it in a training room, coaching sessions or with larger audiences with guest speaking- very few people have the abliity to motivate so many people in such an impactful way”.
“Unique personality brought to the learning environment, that creates an experience that learners never forget”.
“The facilitation of the session was great allowing strong emotional connections with the learning and each other throughout the two days which was as a result of the sessions being brought to life”.
“Energy and passion is insurmountable.100% given in every session and course to ensure delegates have the best possible learning experience. Everyy interaction interesting and good fun with infectious enthusiasm”.
“Whether it is through training, team building or guest speaking, people are left with a wow factor everything is relevant to the audience with vast knowledge, ability to bring vision and values to life; accompanied with a passion to make a difference to every person they come into contact with throughout the learning experience”.
“Innate and deep understanding of how to influence employee engagement and the customer /consumer experience”.
“Passionate and dynamic with a rare talent to map HRM strategy to both individuals and business challenges”.

DiSC Certified Practitioners

Appreciative Inquiry Facilitators

Qualified Executive Coaches , Life Coaches and Mentors

NLP Practitioners

Certified Train the Trainer Facilitators


Emma Lloyd

Hello! I’m Emma, and Create the Ripple is the culmination of my years of experience in working with a diverse range of clients from go-getting individuals to huge international brands. I don’t just have a can-do attitude, making me super easy to work with; I have a you-can-do attitude, understanding your needs and tailoring our work together for full effectiveness.

My passion is using communication to support the engagement and effective development of others. My style is uniquely me. Through a successful career in financial services I have developed a valuable and transferable skill-set, with an aptitude for inspiring and encouraging others to interact effectively and productively. I instil new skills and attitudes that people take back to their roles and businesses, creating immediate and lasting behavioural change. I get a buzz from supporting others to gain the skills and mindset to discover new solutions, achieving greater success, both professionally and in their personal lives.

Whatever I am involved in, others emerge feeling impassioned and motivated to set the bar higher. This in turn raises levels of achievement throughout an organisation, improving productivity, increasing retention and engagement and adding to the all-important bottom line. When it’s time to ignite the enthusiasm of a workforce, l turn up the inner glow!


Emma Lloyd


Space Hopper

We’d love to hear from you whether you’re ready to book or want to tentatively dip your toe in the rippled waters with an enquiry. You can fill in the form below or email at If you want to keep an eye on our brilliant work or reach out via social media, we’re on twitter @createtheripple.

Or you could always skim a stone and create a ripple. We’re big fans of that.